Seafood Donburi Menu

Premium 10


It is a Premium bowl with 10 kinds of stuff.

Sashimi on the boat


This is for 2 people. You can eat as Sashimi and also can make a seafood rice bowl by yourself. 

Sea Urchin & Salmon Roe Mix


Salmon Roe and Sea Urchin Donburi. Traditional Donburi of Hokkaido.

Hokkaido 3 MIX


Sea Urchin, Salomon Roe and Crab.
These stuffs are the most popular seafood in Japan.

Crub & Salmon Roe


Half and half of Crub and Salmon Roe.

Salmon Roe


Only Salomon Roe.

The bowl of the day


The most popular menu of our restaurant! The seafood bowl with 9 kinds of stuffs.

Sea urchin and tuna 4 mix


A fresh sea urchin, tuna, salmon and crab. 

Shrimp and Salmon roe


It is very dense. It includes Shrimp, Salomon Roe and Crab.

Scallop, Salmon and Salmon Roe


This menu is popular among scallop-lovers. Have you ever eaten Scallop, Salmon and Salmon Roe at same time?

Sea Urchin (Limited)

¥3,980~(seasonal price)

A seasonal menu. Sea urchin directly from fishermens of  Shakotan Peninsula. Mostly it will be ¥3,800~¥4,200円.

Sea Urchin & Tuna


Our original menu. The 2 best stuffs get on bowl together. Sea urichin and tuna melt on your tongue.

Other Menu

Sea urchin (single)


A single cup of sea urchin. Please add this on your favorite bowl.

Ice cream with strawberries


It is a mini parfait with ice cream and strawberries. Using the ice cream of “Naganuma ice” which is popular now in Hokkaido.


Opening Hour:7:30~16:00


Payment:Cash Only

Address:Nijo Market, Higashi 1 chome-8, Minami 3 Jo, Chuoku, Sapporo 


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